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How is Online Dating for the Older Generation Different?

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Getting older comes with a lot of perks. You tend to have a more stable financial situation. You know a bit more about the world, which means that you know what you want with life. This applies to online dating as well. The older generations have significantly different expectations out of online dating, in comparison to the younger ones. Here’s how online dating is different once you cross the fifties.

Seniors Have Little Time for Games

After have spent so many decades on the planet, seniors know exactly what they want. They tend not to indulge in mind games. There are no “playing hard to get” games at work, neither do they have any appetite for the same. If they like someone, they shoot a message. If they get a reply, and soon, they will strike up a conversation, and find more about each other. If they find each other compatible, then they take it forward, or cordially agree that they are not fit for each other. No hard feelings.

Less Experimenting

Seniors know exactly what they want in any relationship. Whether it is love, physical love, companionship, or something else, they know exactly where they stand. They know their likes, dislikes, and preferences and are on the lookout for someone who is in perfect sync with their needs. More importantly, they know what they don’t want. While this is a good thing, they can become quite rigid in their approach, often losing out on amazing matches only because they were uninclined to break the habits that they have developed over the years.

Age is But a Number

Quite literally. Seniors are the most open-minded group of people when it comes to the matter of age. That doesn’t mean that age is not relevant to them at all. They do care. But, when most young people look for matches in their age category, give or take 2-3 years, seniors can sway in either direction by as much as 10-15 years. The reason is that at their age, compatibility takes precedence to age. A 60-year old marathoner will probably do better in the company of a 75-year old fitness freak than with a 60-year old couch-potato.

Trust Is Paramount

There are countless stories of seniors being taken advantage of by deceitful people. Most of them are usually on a fixed income and therefore, are apprehensive of the risks involved in online older dating. So, before they proceed any further in any kind of relationship, they like to build it on a foundation of trust. To make that happen, they can often appear to be quite nosey, and dwell on different aspects of their date’s past life. They are not being nosey. They are just trying hard to gather as much information as possible from their date. At the same time, they may hold more information about themselves close to their chest, until a later time when they are more comfortable sharing that info. This can lead to problems for them, as trust and mutual-respect are a two-way street.