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How Not To Act Old in Online Dating

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It is said that age is just a number, but we may need some help to get rid of society’s stereotypes when it comes to senior people. It seems that without even noticing, we may start acting old because we are “supposed” to or it is expected of us to do so when reaching a certain age and beyond. But really, if we could stop focusing too much on the number that represents out biological age, we might notice that we are young and fervent on the inside. Age should definitely not be a reason to stop dating if you are single, forget your age, because an older age does not mean you are forbidden to be happy and fulfilled. Still, if you are not too keen when it comes to going downtown to meet new people, you can always take advantage of online dating. But, there is the question of how not to act old when using online dating for older singles. The following tips may come in handy.

Forget e-mails and start messaging

While many online dating websites have e-mailing services, you should use messaging in the detriment of this old technique. Unless it is for business purposes, people rarely check their inboxes to see if anyone is interested in dating them. Instant messaging is far much better and it belongs to our current times. Whether you are using a computer or a mobile device, which is even better, do not stay away from messaging. It will definitely get the attention of people you are trying to meet through online dating and will increase the chances of getting an answer back.

Be short, sweet, and playful when sending messages

We had to include this section here because we mentioned earlier the importance of instant messages in showing people that you are not acting old, regardless of your age. The fist rule is never to send long messages. No one has the patience to read a texted novel. Go straight to the point, be relaxed, and write a short and sweet message. If you don’t know how to start, check out the person’s profile and see if you notice an interesting detail. Something like “Hey! Loved the vacation picture you just posted. I hope you had fun.” A message like this almost always generates an answer back and works as an ice-breaker for a conversation.

Don’t post a picture of yourself wearing a knitted vest and sitting in an armchair

Really, these are two elements that will definitely make you look old, so people will think that you will act this way as well. Keep in mind that you are not taking a picture for your children or grandchildren, but a great profile picture that will stir the attention of potential partners. So, wear something casual, like a polo shirt and even short pants if it is warm outside, and have the picture take somewhere interesting, not on the sofa of your living room. Using photos made inside your house will make people think that you are not too outgoing, which is not that good when it comes to dating.

Don’t have endless conversations about your kids

It is true that kids are the most important persons in the world for their parents, even if they already left home. But talking constantly with your date, or at least with a potential date, about your kids may damage the connection that started to form between the two of you. Of course, do answer the questions concerning your kids, like if you do have kids, how many, how old they are, and what are the currently doing, but don’t linger too much on the conversation. Get back to talking about you or, even better, about your potential date.